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Lee Container

Lee Container


Lee Container, based in Homerville, GA, is a leading national manufacturer of blow-molded plastic containers for a variety of industries.  With more than 25 years in business, management wanted to strengthen their competitive advantage in the marketplace by investing in the Lee Container brand and in their marketing assets, particularly the company’s website.


Strategy Consulting and Branding Workshop

Fusion began this project with a Strategy Consulting engagement built around workshops with Lee’s management team to understand their business and identify key commercial objectives of the company.  Our review included differentiated strategies for key market segments such as Crop Protection, Lubricants, and Industrial and Garden Chemicals.

We delivered our findings in a Strategy Report, which included competitor analysis, SWOT analysis, brand review, and proposed a marketing strategy defining key messages and audiences.

The next phase of the project was the Branding Workshop, in which we worked with management to clearly define Lee Container’s brand identity; not just colors and logos, but also their company values, brand personality and commercial positioning.


Modernizing the Logo and Tagline

Fusion worked closely with management and shareholders to create a new logo and tagline.  We worked with the color and message of Lee’s legacy logo and created a new logo with a clean modern aesthetic. We also conducted a tagline workshop with management, which yielded the new tagline “Our Containers. Your Success”.


Building a New Website

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Lee Container wanted a new website which incorporated today’s responsive design for use with smartphones and tablets, as well as desktops.  The website had to present Lee’s products, but also to communicate the company’s brand identity and messaging.  Fusion worked closely with Lee Container to plan and conduct photo and video shoots in Georgia and Iowa to capture scenes from their workplace and show the company’s employees as well as their production facilities.


Using Video to Communicate

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Fusion produced a series of videos to communicate the new brand and effectively reach key audiences like customers and employees. The video “ Introduction to Lee Container” is shown on the homepage of Lee’s website.  A second video “Life of a bottle” illustrates the manufacturing process and tells the story of how bottles are designed and produced to meet customer needs.

Fusion Creative Marketing is currently producing additional videos, including videos designed for recruitment and employee training.  View the “Life of a bottle” video on the product page of Lee Container’s website.


Rolling out the new brand

Fusion produced a customized catalog of Lee branded products for employees in Lee’s Georgia, Texas and Iowa locations to select shirts, tee-shirts, hats and more.  We also worked with local media in all three markets to introduce the new brand and the website.

Fusion is continually producing new advertisements and other marketing assets, such as brochures and a trade show booth, incorporating the new brand and communicating it to the national market.