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Crown Real Estate Development

The Crown Real Estate Development Branding Project

The Need

Crown Real Estate Development (also known as Crown Group) wanted us to develop a strong, unique brand to help the Crown Group grow into a regional builder, contractor and real estate developer.

The Analysis

Using management workshops and independent research, we analyzed Crown’s competitive position and proposed a marketing strategy (who is the audience, what is the message, and what are the means to communicate it).

Direction of Strategy , 3d render

Branding Workshop

We conducted a half-day branding workshop to define the Crown Group brand values and attributes.

Visual Identity

We designed a new logo and accompanying visual identity which would be used on the new website and any future marketing materials.


The Timbers Condominium

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We redesigned the logo and brand identity of a subsidiary rental property (The Timbers Condominium) to accord with the new Crown Group brand. We overhauled the Timbers website and produced a presentation video.  http://timbersvaldosta.com/

Timbers Website

The Direct Mail Campaign

We executed a direct mail campaign for The Timbers Condos using their updated logo we designed.  We researched the targeted market to be reached, created the direct mail piece, and budgeted all the associated costs to reach the desired demographic.


The Crown Website and Brand Launch Campaigin

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We are launching the Crown Brand to the local and regional market with a new website which features their properties.

crown web

The Billboard

We created two billboards featuring exterior views of two properties.